• http://www.pitcolib.org helenp@co.pitkin.co.us

    I will try this. I have some San Morenos from the farmer's market. After reading Jason Morrow's articles, growing them is also a thought. Would like to leave Jason a link credit, but don't know how. Perhaps you can forward my address? Thanks, Helen Palmerhelenp@co.pitkin.co.us

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12441053969652689705 Stella

    Yum, Frances! This sounds so nice. I just planted some different types of tomatoes too, since we are entering into Spring here…p.s. Your blog looks great! I don't know how long it has looked this way, but it really is clean and wonderful looking;)

  • http://www.pkcooks.wordpress.com Pk

    This looks amazing. I wish I had a pile of tomatoes to make this right now.

    • L

      Thanks! Now that the farmer’s markets are back I hope to try this recipe again.