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    I just tried this recipe (from my newly-acquired copy of Bittman) and found the dough to be very moist, way too much so to make into logs. I added more than another cup of flour before it was manageable. Double checked my measurements (counted the eggs left in the carton, etc.) and there was no mistake. I've seen another version of this recipe on-line that calls for 2 eggs and 2 1/4 cups flour (and 2 tsp baking powder).

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    Anonymous:Interesting. I had no problem with the recipe. The dough, if I do remember, was more wet than bread dough surely. You the shaping required doesn't require a tight dough. Basically what I did was after the mixture was ready, which kind of resembled a traditional cookie dough, I gently slid it onto a floured and greased cookie sheet and with floured hands shaped the dough outwards. This works for me pretty well, but I will try the recipe again to see if I am mistaken.