A French Baguette: The First Try

This is my very first attempt at a bread that resembles the French baguette. I first tried last night to use a King Arthur’s flour recipe, but my yeast was unfortunately too old for it to work. I tried again today with a new recipe. Success followed. This successful recipe can be found over at the wonderful blog Steamy Kitchen. The recipe features step by step photos that are beyond helpful. She also has tips for improving the crust and crumb of the bread. Since the Steamy Kitchen’s recipe is so precise and detailed I am not going to retype it here. If you are interested in embarking on your own baguette adventure, I highly recommend starting there.

I would say that for my first attempt, my bread is pretty darn delicious. I didn’t get the right color on the final baguette, which may have to do with the fact that I didn’t preheat the oven long enough, but the taste was near perfect. I’d say the shapes are off too, I didn’t have a baguette mold, so you can’t really hold that against me. I might fashion one out of tin foil for another attempt. Or maybe I can just call them “rustic” and forget the mold altogether? Anyway, I am going to continue in the quest of French bread. I have begun a never ending journey; no baguette is ever perfect.

All in all, this was a (fairly) easy success. Definitely a productive way to spend my woeful days of underemployment. The fresh slices are delicious warm. I never really let food cool down before digging in, I admit. I just ate two slices smeared with a garlic-mustard aoili. Yum

And, these loaves are perfect for just ripping apart. I love that about baguettes, they encourage bad etiquette at the dinner table.